Thursday, February 08, 2007

College Fund / Therapy Fund

Most parents try to maintain a college fund for their children.
The husband and I joke that we have also started a therapy fund.

You know, so the kids can go to therapy to undo all the damage we're causing.
Because we so love to mess with them.

(Dang it, I was just thinking of an example, but now I forgot. Don't worry, there will be some... eventually. We play with the children's minds quite a bit, but they're starting to catch on. I fear the retaliation when I'm an old, feeble-minded lady.)


vw bug said...

LOL! Yaa... we use to get my dad back a lot. ;-)

Roses said...

VW: One day, when I'm old, I'm sure the boys will get even by joking about their "retirement fund" and "nursing home fund".