Monday, October 08, 2007

Get a freakin' dictionary, people

All I know is a whole lotta people can't spell "ache".

I know this because they Google odd things like:

"back ack"
"ack in the morning"
"tooth ack"
(and updated to add:)
"my heart is acking"

And then they click over to me.

::shakes head::


HapKiDo said...

What's with this thing in the mid-west where they say "acrost" instead of "across"?

I never understood that or "pop". It's "soda"!!!

Christina said...

Where I come from "ask" is usually pronounced "axe." As in "Axe me a question."

Lord only knows how they would go about spelling it...

; )

Lemon Stand said...

LOL. And like Christina... no matter how many times I correct my second oldest daughter, she insists upon saying the 'axe' thing instead of 'ask'. I despair of her ever talking like a mature, well-read, well rounded individual that I know she is.

Tink said...

Don't even get me going on Creek or ain't.

Richmond said...

"Will you borrow me *your* dictionary??"

That's the poor verbage that sets me off...

Roses said...

A couple questions to axe:

Could someone borrow me a bottle opener and pass me a pop acrost the table?

And, if that ain't a crick, what is it?

Lukie said...

I am terrible at spelling noises. I wish there was a dictionary for that kind of thing.

Roses said...

Oh, lukie, if only those people were trying to spell noises.
If it was a noise, yes, you'd spell it "ack".

But when was the last time you heard a tooth make a sound like "ack"?
Or a heart go "ack"?

Lemon Stand said...

Roses, you really got me thinking about this one this week and I just wanted to give you this trackback. :o)

Bou said...

Hey, we'll take our hits where we can!

I can always tell when school has started. In England they start to study Boudicca in the fall. And I know this because??? of sitemeter. :)