Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gluttons for Punishment

There's a young couple up the street who either:

a) just moved in, or
b) just got a beagle puppy, or
c) both

because I didn't notice them until I heard the puppy howling at their door to be let in for 20 minute stretches a few weeks back.

A few days after noticing the puppy, I saw this couple walking said puppy around town while pushing a baby stroller.

New baby.
New pet.

Who in their right mind gets a puppy when they have a baby in the house?
Why, oh why, would you want to suffer through that much poo and interruption to your sleep?


Harvey said...

Maybe it's some kind of poo and sleep-deprivation fetish :-)

Mrs. Who said...

They'll be divorced within 3 years from the stress of it all...and they'll fight over the damn dog, too.

Roses said...

"and they'll fight over the damn dog, too"

Sadly, you speak too true!