Monday, February 05, 2007

The Potatoes

Item #10 in this post from a couple days ago reminded me of a typical day living with the mother-in-law...

Several years ago, when the mother-in-law lived here, I planned a trip to the grocery store.
The sister-in-law was visiting, and I knew she'd make a BIG shopping trip for the MIL eventually, but before I left the house, I asked if there was anything either of them needed anyway.

The answer was no, but the MIL asked what I was shopping for. You know, just making conversation.
And like a moron, I told her.

"OH!" she exclaimed, "I noticed potatoes are on sale this week at Chain Store! Here, let me get the flyer... Maybe you want to stop there, today, to get your potatoes."

"Do you need potatoes?"

"No, but since you do..."

Well, as much as I love a bargain, and I love to grocery shop, I had not planned on making more than one stop that day. I just wanted to roam around one great big store, get everything, and come back home. Chain Store, not being one great big store, was not in my plans that day.

So, I nodded politely and left.

Side note:
The way our house is built, and the way we arranged the MIL's living space, requires us to walk through her "apartment" on our way to/from the garage and driveway. We can park around the side of the house and enter through a separate door, but we usually don't because it's inconvenient to park in the street.
Side, side note:
This particular day was the very last time I unloaded groceries while parked in the driveway.

I returned home with my purchases and made several trips through the mother-in-law's apartment carry groceries to the kitchen.

On one trip through, the MIL pointed at my arms and demanded (DEMANDED!), "How much did you pay for those potatoes!?!"

I stopped in my tracks and replied intelligently, "What?"

"Those potatoes are not from Chain Store, I can see the label on the bag. I want to know how much you paid for them." Then, in order to appear not so rude, she batted her eyes, looked cute and cooed, "I'm just being nosy."

I replied, "You're right. You are being nosy."
And I walked away without another word.

The sister-in-law, who very wisely had managed stay out of it, told me later she was proud of me.


Tink said...

Still don't see how you put up with it. But where is that book now?

Lemon Stand said...

Every time I read one of your mother in law stories I want to RUN not walk to go get my own MIL some roses!

Roses said...

Tink: Might be you're reading it right now. ;)

Lemon Stand: Roses are always nice. ;)