Saturday, February 03, 2007

Things I DON'T miss about living with the Mother-In-Law


9) Grocery shopping.

No, wait. I like grocery shopping...

9) The conversations that happened because of grocery shopping.
When I shopped, I separated her groceries from our groceries. I asked the cashiers to ring them up separately which they were always happy to do. And, I requested the orders be bagged separately.
So, when I brought all the groceries home, all her things were in their own bags, and she had her own receipt.
I did this because it was easy. (Plus, she didn't get to read on the receipt what I had bought and how much I'd paid. See #10.) However, she always had to mention that the husband never shopped this way. Her "compliments" were so transparent, it made me hate doing things the way she liked it.
"Oh! You know I like having the bills separate! Your husband never does it this way. I guess it's just too hard for him..."
Shut the hell up. You're belittling the man I love.

10) Explaining why I paid so much for "such and such" when the same thing was on sale at another store for so much less.
"Because I saved the flyer! Look! Maybe you'll want to return this and buy it here instead."
Nope, I won't. I didn't want to make the extra trip the first time, sure as hell ain't gonna make it now.


StreetPizza said...

I still get amazed to see a person drive acrossed town to save a buck. If it was $20 then I would say it might be worth the run. The drive, the hassle and of course my precious time never makes that conceivable.

Roses said...

SP: Don't get me wrong... When you're a stay-at-home mom, and your mother-in-law stays in your home as well, sometimes you actually find the time to make extra trips when you "need" to. :)