Thursday, January 11, 2007

Women are strange birds.

This post from OddyBobo got me thinking.
Sometimes women are just mean... either for no reason, or for the very wrongest reasons.

I used to participate in a Mother-in-law "support" message board, but the women there were very catty. You can't imagine how much flack I caught for actually LIVING with my MIL. They wasted no words telling me how stupid I must be and that I didn't deserve any sympathy because I had "asked for" whatever I got.
(Frankly, I thought they were all stupider -yes, stupider- for complaining so much about women not in their homes that they could easily avoid, but that's a whole other post...)
(Oh, look at me being catty!)

At a radio seminar, I chose to go to a session regarding Women In Radio. Thought it would be interesting.
After the speakers said their piece, a microphone was placed in the aisle for the audience to say whatever they wanted. Wanna guess what they said? Each and every woman stood up to complain and, yes, bitch about all the abuse and discrimination they had suffered.
Now, sure, there were some legitimate problems...
When one woman stood at the microphone and offered that she "played the female card" as often as she could ("I wear dresses. It's the one thing that sets me apart. I use the fact that I am a woman!"), she was BOOED down!
I thought she was the only intelligent person there.
And when she left the mic, I left the room.
There was nothing more to learn from those people.

They made me sad.

I don't think it's just OddyBobo and me who have experienced the bizarre behavior of grown women acting badly. Please, share...


Richmond said...

Women can be very scary - and territorial. Yeepers!

Mrs. Who said...

It's all about insecurities...each of those 'catty' women has HUGE problems with their self-image. Being what they think everyone else thinks they should be...c'mon girls, just settle for fat and happy!

Tink said...

I'm a strange bird anyway. Most men treat like one of the guys and I ignore most women.