Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Frakkin' Battlestar Galactica!

(with a nod to Big Bad Wolf because he likes BG, I hear)

I never used to swear.
A couple of years working in radio changed that. Dammit.

Then, when we were expecting our first child, the husband and I made a strong effort to stop swearing.
When the urge to cuss came upon us, we'd swap out the swear word for a nonsense word.


And it seemed that the longer the nonsense word was, or the more of them we could string together, the more satisfying it was to use.

Ricken racken bricken bracken fricken frakkin...!

So, we began to refer to such language as "swearing in cartoon" because it sounded so much like something Yosemite Sam might say in anger.


The current Battlestar Galactica TV series does not write swear words into its scripts.
Instead, they use the word "frakkin'".

"You're a frakkin' screw up!"
"This is all frakked up!"

I like it!
I find myself saying "frakkin'" under my breath a lot.

In fact, I was highly amused to read Stephen King in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly use the word as well! As if it was a part of common speech!

Rock on!

Do you use any frakkin' cartoon swear words?


Rave said...

I have not used it, but have heard it used.

I may have to start. I say Fu@k way too often.

wRitErsbLock said...

I tend to say Frak. Frakking Battlestar teaching me a new swear word!

BigBadWolf said...

I spent about half an hour on the phone with my brother last night and I swear (no pun intended) he used the F-word about every 15 seconds. Now, we did grow up in North Jersey, so some allowances have to be made, but still...

I got really bad some years back. Navy and all male environment. I'd be swearing and not even realize it. My step daughter now rides my butt about the language and it's forcing me to clean up even more. The wife got me to stop saying g-d d*mmit a bit ago, although I do slip now and then. Usually when I'm really pissed.

I've also found that if you never cuss, when you finally gets people's attention. Makes it that much more effective. the way. HUGE BSG fan. One of the top 5 shows on TV right now. Nowhere near the schlockiness of the original. Watch it.

jaj said...

My personal favourite is 'Rassum Frassum', but I don't use it a lot.

Anonymous said...

I now say the various versions of frak...not that I swear much at all to begin with, grew up in a very Christian home and now I'm raising my kids in that same environment, that said, I'm also a huge BSG fan and it's amazing how often that little word creaps into my vocabulary...

loria said...

There is one that I said the other day and BBW looked at me with a strange face. It was "fudgesticks".
I have been known to say, "bullhockey",son of a biscuit eater". Those are the only ones that come to mind right now.

Roses said...

jaj: Rassum Frassum! That is SO
Yosemite Sam!

Loria: Oh yes, I've used "fudgesicles" myself. But I really like your "son of a biscuit eater". That's funny!

It's just frakkin' great of you all to chime in!

Dani said...

Well I needed something to do this Friday evening so I'm reading your old blog posts. Feel the love!

Anyway. I say crudlump and that sucks cheese. They're both fairly satisfying and office/kid friendly.