Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too flippin' many clothes!

I have so many clothes, they dont' fit well in my closet. Lots of squashing. Lots of wrinkling.
Yet, I never have anything to wear.

And when I try to cull, I realize I *do* wear most everything in there.

What gives?


codese38 said...

I completely agree with you. It is a case of too many clothes yet i have nothing good to wear.

Try to separate the clothes according to seasons and then put away those which you wont need for at least a few weeks.

And then sort those which you want to wear by: Favorites, Occassions, Daily wear, Date wear !etc...

And More clothes better than less clothes.

So cheerup!

Richmond said...

You're lucky!! Everything must fit (unlike many items in my closet...)

Roses said...

codese38, sorting out my clothes is a brilliant idea! It would also satisfy my over-active organizing fetish.

Cleaning? Blah, hate it.
Organizing? Yay! Let's have some fun!

(My cleaning supplies, while never used, are very well-organized!)

Roses said...

Richmond, if only I could find things in there that didn't fit! Then I'd know which things I could throw out!

Sadly, I can't even determine which things are out of style. That frightens me.