Saturday, June 17, 2006


I ~like~ that word, but when a friend once asked me what it meant... exactly... I had no answer.

It's not in my dictionary.

So, I said, "It's a combination of 'snippy' and 'barky'."
To which my friend replied, "Would the opposite, then, be 'bippy'?"

I told him I don't know. I'm not Polish.


Richmond said...

Gives the phrase "you bet your bippy! a whole 'nuther meaning. Huh?

Roses said...

I do have a Polish friend who can be pretty snarky. What does THAT mean?

Rave said...


I like you.
You're funny! and you're off to a great start!

Roses said...

Thank you! It's because so many of you were so much fun to read on Richmond's blog that I decided this might not be such a bad thing. :-)

BTW, I'm a sucker for anyone who calls me funny, so you're now my favorite!
(Well, Richmond HAS to be my favorite, so you're my favorite-once-removed.)