Monday, August 07, 2017

Two Word Movie Review - The Dark Tower

Here are your two words:

"Two Stories"

No, this doesn't refer to how tall the Dark Tower is.
These two words let you know that the movie, based on the Stephen King "Dark Tower / Gunslinger" books, is a completely separate story from the 7-book series.

Sure, you have Roland the Gunslinger, Walter the man in black, and Jake the boy from New York.  There's also one creepy ass house.
And yeah, there's a tower.
But there's little else in the movie that you will recognize from the books.

Beyond that, it's a pretty decent action flick.
If you want an action flick, you should go.  You'll like it.

Aside from that creepy ass house, very little of the movie has any "Stephen King"creep factor.
If you want to avoid Stephen King creepy, you should go.  You'll like it.
(However, there will very likely be a pre-movie trailer for "IT", and that has plenty of SK creepiness.  So, go get your popcorn during that trailer.)

However, if you've read the books and you want to see a totally awesome movie adaptation of the books, don't go.
You will be very disappointed.

It's a good movie, but it's not the story you might be expecting.

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