Sunday, June 18, 2017

Squirrel Tale

In our neighborhood, there's a squirrel that is missing part of its tail.  Instead of a long arching appendage, it has a short fluffy nubbin.

I wonder what its story is.
Was it attacked by a predator?  Did it get stuck in a trap? How did it manage to escape?

How has the squirrel's life been impacted?  It seems to be able to do everything other squirrels can do, but it can't swish its tail in warning like other squirrels can. 

Speaking of other squirrels, what do the other squirrels think?  Is the short-tailed squirrel a hero or a fool?  Is it looked upon as a survivor or as handicapped?

And how does the squirrel itself feel now?  Is it more cautious and twitchy than before, testing and inspecting  each new thing for its potential dangers?  Or is the squirrel more bold and fearless knowing it has survived once and can be victorious again?

These are my thoughts as I sip my Sunday morning beverage gazing at my backyard.

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