Thursday, May 04, 2017

Brain. Drain.

The bathroom sink leaks.
The Husband duct taped key pipe points to tide us over until he has time to do a proper fix over the weekend.
Until then, there's a bucket under the sink to catch water.

After brushing my teeth, I heard drips hitting what was starting to sound like a deep collection of water.
So I pulled out the bucket to empty it.

I dumped it... in the sink.

See.  This is why it took me three years to complete my junior year of college.


Shoshanah Lee Marohn said...

I've done that.

No shame.

jon spencer said...

Use silicone self fusing tape to stop leaky drain pipes. Duct tape does not conform around drain fittings to stop leakage.
Many different brands of this are avaiable from several stores and online. And most if not all work. Easy to apply too.

If you need to stop a leak in a pressured line use a water activated fiberglass tape. (you have to release the pressure before patching).
Perma-Wrap is a good brand of this.

These are patches / repairs, not fixes. Although I have left both of these on pipes for several years and they did not fail.

Roses said...

To be honest, Jon, The Husband may have used the kind of tape you suggested.
I'm gonna play the Girl Card and admit that I deal mainly in Scotch Tape and masking tape; all other tape is Duct tape. :-)

Christine Hall said...

tee Hee