Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Renewed for Another Season

The Husband is catching up on a few seasons of The Walking Dead.
As usual, I've been paying only enough attention to what he's watching to know what the show is.  So, when I do stop and focus on a scene or two, I make snap judgements that may or may not be relevant to the story line.

Yeah, I yell at the screen and try to tell characters what to do.
But of course they don't do it.

After several outbursts (which The Husband patiently and quietly endures), I turn to this man of mine and blurt, "If this was happening to you and me, things would turn out differently."

He considers for a moment my inability to climb a flight of stairs without panting and his own reluctance to shoot me in the head if I were to "go zombie", and he says, "Honey, I'm not sure we'd last six seasons."
"Baby," I tell him, "so far, we've lasted 25 seasons."

He smiles and gives me a BIG hug.

Happy Anniversary to us!
25 years, baby!


Jessica P said...

Aww Happy anniversary! <3

Kitty said...

Happy anniversary!

I know I would barely last a season with zombies as I'm too old and out of shape. However, I have almost 16 "season" with my hubby. Congrats on such a long marriage. :)