Thursday, March 09, 2017

Overheard in the past 24 hours in the Ack! Thbbbt! House

(Dialogue delivered rapid-fire over dinner.)

He:  Been feeling pretty good lately.
Me:  Do you think it's the vitamins you've been taking?
He:  That, and the sun has been out.
Me:  That *is* nice.
He:  Yeah, the snow has melted and no one uncovered the body.
Me:  "The" body.  Just one?  Must've been a slow winter.


(Dialogue delivered somewhat slurred after I followed The Husband into the basement.)

He:  Are you drunk on half a glass of wine?
Me:  I think I *am* a little tipsy.  I didn't remember our house having a spiral staircase.


I feel like there should be a third humorous conversation here.
But sadly I don't have another.
Do you have one to add here?  Post it in a comment!


Jessica P said...

hee hee the spiral staircase!

Coworker: Can you bring this script over to Boss when you go over? The printer across the floor is broken.

I call Boss.

Me: I'm charging an export tariff for this script since courier service isn't in my job responsibilities. By the way this is the worst script you'll ever get.

Boss: It's tarrifable!

Me: just for that joke I won't charge the tariff.

Roses said...

That pun is tarrifable!
Your boss and I would get along famously! :-)

Shoshanah said...

B to our kid: At horse riding lessons, do you hang on to the horn? We always used to hang on to the horn.

Me: Horses don't have horns!

B: The saddle! The horn on the saddle!

Roses said...

Horses don't have horns?
Then how do you honk when another horse cuts you off?

:snorts and runs away::