Sunday, March 05, 2017

Music requests

While upstairs watching TV, I suddenly realize there's music from the 1960's playing in the basement where I know the boys are deeply engrossed in shoot 'em up video games.
I listen for a moment, and it occurs to me that the boys have actually *chosen* a style of music The Husband had been listening to earlier.
This makes me melt a little to think the boys can still be positively influenced by things their parents do.

So, I go downstairs to hug them.
They each look up from their computer screens to see what I want.  I simply look at the radio that's playing in the corner, and then I look at them with meaningful Mom-eyes.

"Yeah, can you turn that off?" one of them asks.
"It just came on by itself," says the other.

Ah.  Now I understand what had happened.

The Husband had scrounged up an old clock radio from the garage yesterday.  It was this apparatus that had been tuned in to his favorite radio station earlier today.  When he turned it off, he had accidentally set the alarm.
When the music popped on as scheduled, both boys had been too busy shooting aliens to get up and turn it off.

So much for my warm, melty heart.

I turn off the radio as requested.
But there's a pretty good chance I only pressed the snooze button.

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