Monday, January 23, 2017

Follow Along with the Class

The two students sitting in front of me were concerned about the textbooks they had purchased for our class since:
A) their textbooks didn't look the same as the book on the instructor's desk, and
B) the professor's online class notes for the first chapter didn't match the content of the textbooks that the students had bought.

I knew one of the students from a class we had together last semester, so I tapped him on the shoulder.

Me: You have the right book.  And no, the first couple of chapters don't match the notes.
He: Okay.  If Roses says we're good, I'll follow what Roses says.
Me: I also like to jump off cliffs.
He: Okay, I'm not cool with that.


Jessica P said...



Lemon Stand said...

LOL! I was just talking to my husband about lemmings this morning. The roads were iced and we saw a lot of idiots at 5am driving like the road was dry, speeding and tailgating. When I expressed concern he told me he would be okay as he wasn't a lemming and cliff diving wasn't his kind of hobby. :)

Roses said...

Nice! :-)