Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Face to Face

I used to be someone people wanted to hang around with.  Always had a smile, always had something funny to say.

After 8 years in news talk radio during a hostile political climate, and after losing 3 immediate family members between 2010-2015, I now have "resting bitch face", and people (even close friends) are afraid to approach me.
I've seen my face. Candid photos of me are not pretty.

Babies still smile at me.
So that gives me hope.


Jessica P said...

I bet dogs still love you too.

Roses said...

They do!
I taste delicious. ;-)

DogaDontPurr said...

I have Resting Bitch Face too. Some days it's worse than others. Some days it's just Bitch Face! So I totally understand. But I also know there is an inner smiling person under all that, it just gets lost sometimes. Sometimes deeply lost. But I know it's in there...somewhere.