Saturday, November 12, 2016

Vocational choices and job security

Younger Son is on a path to a PHD in psychology.
Elder Son is on a path to video production.

On the surface, one would think Younger Son has the better career path.
But who knows?

Three of my four siblings had stable union jobs in the auto industry with pensions and Insurance while the Husband and I scraped by in radio broadcasting.
When the economy crashed in 2008, suddenly the Husband and I were the only ones who weren't worried about losing our jobs or being forced to move across the country to keep our jobs.

So, what if the Husband or I had chosen "real jobs" like my siblings?  Sacrificing what we wanted to do for what seemed like a more secure, better-paying job wouldn't have lasted.
We'd have ended up with unsatisfactory jobs and no security anyway. Why not just do the thing that brings you joy?

I believe a person should follow their dreams and passions when it comes to employment.
You just never know how it's going to shake out.


Thumper said...

That's precisely why I have always been in favor of the path the Boy set out on. Being an actor is a long shot dream, but it's his dream and he's damned good at it. sure, he could have joined the air force, which is kind of tradition in this family, but he's far happier for what he's done, I think.

Lemon Stand said...

Amen! I just had this conversation with my family. We have four daughters in college and and one working and doing photography on the side. All five are taking some kind of art discipline. All different (never realized there were that many different types) and we are helping all five of them with some of our retirement money. We don't make a lot, but are frugal and we'll get by.

My father went into the Air Force instead of taking a FULL RIDE to the Boston College of Art because his parents wouldn't encourage him. They just told him he would never be able to eat or have a family on what he could make. In the end of his life, he drank himself to death. My husband and I have always encourage our kids to play to their strengths especially since they all have serious learning issues like dyslexia, autism for one... anyway, don't need to waste your space on this. Just wanted to say that I am SO glad there are parents out there who support their kids dreams. At the very least keeping color and hope in their lives no matter what happens in the future.

Sorry, wrote more than I meant to.

Roses said...

You write all you like.
It's fabulous to be agreed with. :-)

Roses said...

::fist bump::