Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The One with the Haircut *updated*

"I'm getting a haircut tomorrow."

^This^ is Elder Son's way of breaking good news to me.
Because after he tells me he's planning to get a haircut, I'm supposed to ask why.

"Why are you getting your hair cut?"
"So I look good for my JOB INTERVIEW."

Monday had been a super good day for Elder Son.
After some fits and starts with his college education, he took and passed a couple of important tests Monday afternoon.  He is go for launch as a full-time student this fall.
But what's most notable about this day was that he had arranged it all on his own.  He knew what requirements he needed to fulfill, he made all the phone calls, and he just did it all without any help from his parents who kinda were clueless about his plans and needs.  He had it all under control.
And he excelled beyond his own expectations.

He savored telling The Husband and me about his success. He drew it out, feeding us one small tidbit of the good news at a time.
A storyteller, he is.
(I wonder where he gets it.)

And after all of ^that^, he tells me he's getting a haircut.
Because he has a job interview.
At a place that does video production.
Which is his vocational dream job.

His interview is today.
And if I've timed this post correctly (and if it actually publishes), he is on his way there now with a spiffy new haircut.

Wish him good thoughts.
He's had some pretty disjointed years since high school (who of us hasn't?) and he really needs to find a path that is going in the direction he wants to go.

Monday had been a super good day.

***Update: Wednesday evening***

The interview went well.
Elder Son reports that if he doesn't get the job, it's NOT because he failed the interview. Because he nailed that sucker.

For instance, the two people who interviewed him made the connection between his name and The Husband and me.  The Husband and I are well-known because of our radio history in this area.  There are few other people in this area with the same last name.
"So," one interviewer said to Elder Son, "you're part of the illustrious Ack!Thbbbt! family!"
Elder Son replied, "Thanks for setting the bar even higher."
He managed to display acknowledgement and modesty in one fell swoop.  Man, I love that kid.

He had also signed up for more fall classes after his Monday tests.

Life is good, my friends.
Life is good.

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