Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pink Scissors

I work with computer geeks.
Everything they do is digital. 
Write a note?  Are you crazy?  Just send me an IM.

We've had the same box of ink pens in the supply closet since I was hired 3 years ago.

I miss paper.

Ah, but when they need traditional office supplies, who do they go to?
Me, the old (fashioned) chick.

Just yesterday I caught one of the upper management guys walking away from my cubicle with a fist full of scratch paper I had cut up to jot notes to myself. (Usually notes about things I want to blog about later. Sh.)
"I took a few of these," he said.  "Is that okay?"
"Sure.  I can make more."

Later, I heard* the owner ask one of the graphic designers if he had a pair of scissors.
"No, but Roses has some."
Wordlessly, I held my pair of scissors high enough to be seen over the cubicle walls.  The graphic designer came to fetch them.

This morning, a man from the local printing company wandered past my desk.
"Hey," he said.  "I borrowed these yesterday when I was working with the designers.  I walked right out with them in my pocket not even thinking about it."
He handed me my scissors.
I smiled.  "They're pink scissors. They always come back."
"Well, I knew they sure weren't mine!"

We have 24 employees.  Only 5 of us are female.
All my office supplies are pink, and as long as a male borrows something, he brings it back without fail.  The color is as repulsive as opposing poles of a magnet.  The men never mistake a pink stapler or pink scissors as something they'd normally have on their desk.
Just like the printing guy.
And he came all the way across town to bring my scissors back.

The women just remember to return things.
Go figure.

*In the new office building, we occupy an entire warehouse floor with an open floor plan.  Everyone can hear everything.


Jessica P said...

Pink. That is brilliant.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Pink! One office I worked at thought my desk was the supply desk. Everything walked when I wasn't there (and I worked the evening shift!). Pink would have been awesome.
I loved coming in to an empty desk...not!