Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Degrees vs. Experience

The very loud student in the back row declared that this was going to be the last exam of his college career before he graduated on Sunday.
The very loud student in the back row declared that he just didn't care anymore.
The very loud student in the back row proudly declared that he had failed his Media Buying exam, but he had earned enough class participation points to get a D- for a final grade.
"After graduation, my grade point doesn't matter anymore!" said the very loud student in the back row.

The irony is, after graduation, he will have a four-year degree.  And since I am still working on earning mine, *his* resume gets put on the stack above mine.
...if mine makes it onto the stack at all.

Congratulations, business owners who pass over a resume with experience for the one with a degree.
This is the guy who's going to decide if your advertising dollars would be best spent on radio, TV, print, or web.
And he just doesn't care.


Thumper said...

The guy who graduates last in medical school is still called "Doctor." Someone's gonna hire that moron. And so it goes...

Jessica P said...

While that is true, he will either learn from experience and drop the attitude, or not, and get fired from job after job.

And everyone will think he is an idiot because he will put his lack of knowledge on display, not even realizing it because he doesn't know any better.