Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Okay to Use Me

It bothers me a great deal to see so many people SO confused about when to use the word "me" that they choose to use "I" incorrectly instead.

"We're selling our truck.  Contact Mike or I."
No, contact ME.

"This is Jimmy and I at the beach."
No, this is ME at the beach.

Remove the other people you are grouped with, and the correct pronoun is more obvious.

Does this bother you, too?
Or, is it just... ME?


Jessica P said...

It bothers me too.

If you take the other person out of the sentence, you will get I or me correct.

You would never (hopefully) say contact I.

Bobby Lee said...

Me no understand.

Roses said...

No, Bobby.
The correct misuse is "Jimmy and me no understand."
Would also accept, "Can you explain to Jimmy and I?"

Thumper said...

It makes me mentally itchy.
I get mentally itchy.
When in doubt, peoples, think of two sentences...

Truck for sale; contact Mike.
Truck for sale; contact me.

The truck is Mike's and mine.
The truck is Mike's and I's

Yeah that last one...I see that mistake so much it makes me want to throw things.

Roses said...

Oh, and the idea that "myself" is an acceptable universal swap.

Contact Jimmy or myself.
Rose's and myself will be there.


Moogie P said...

Drives. Me. Nuts. (And, I don't like the misuse.)