Thursday, March 10, 2016

Answer: It's time to get a clue.

Scenario:  You text a friend in your time zone at 6:30 in the morning on a weekday.  Your friend replies with a text that is nothing more than the current time.  Assuming your original text was not asking your friend what time it is, you should assume which of the following:

A) You have woken your friend, and he/she assumes you did not realize how early it is and is kindly alerting you to the hour.  You need to revert to radio silence and wait for your friend to respond further before you send another text.
B) It is an auto-corrected message, and your friend meant to type something else.  You should respond with "What?"
C) Your friend has confirmed that he/she is awake, and you can continue to send texts.
D) If your friend had wanted to be undisturbed, he/she would have turned off his/her phone overnight.  (Hint:  This one is always wrong.  This friend might have work or family responsibilities that require him/her to be available for emergency contact 24/7.)

This is an open book quiz.
Feel free to survey the audience.
Or phone a friend.


Jessica P said...


Definitely A.

I'm sorry but you probably interrupted that last snooze button push which is really freaking important.

A lot of people use their phones as an alarm clock so it makes sense for it to be on. (In my case I have my phone plus regular alarm clock)
If someone (even a cat) messes with my last-snooze-button-time I get very grumpy.

Roses said...

This is super creepy, Jessica, because it *was* during my last snooze, and my phone *is* my alarm clock.

::checks under bed for stray bloggers::

Thumper said...

Yeah, definitely A.

A friend of mine texted me on Christmas 5:30. It was 7:30 her time, and it was an asshole move because she KNEW what time it was and didn't care. I spent the rest of the day practically drooling on myself because I was so tired...and really, really ticked off at her.

I have to keep my phone on at least vibrate, because the Spouse Thingy works nights, and what if there's an emergency?

Short story long...don't text me at OMG O'clock. I will hold a grudge.

Roses said...

Amen, sista!

Jessica P said...

No creepiness, just mere recognition of a fellow snoozer-soul.

What else would people be doing at 6:30 ayem?