Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fighting It

Here's how to keep your kids from fighting over your will when you die.

Leave everything to charity.
Leave it all to your church.
Feed the hungry.
Leave it to science to cure the thing that you die of.
Better yet, give it all away before you die.

The key is to pointedly NOT leave anything behind for your kids to fight over.
If you leave anything that can't be divided absolutely evenly, you run the very real risk of having your heirs argue over whatever they get or think they didn't get.

Leaving money to your kids won't fix whatever the hell they claim has been wrong in their relationships with you or each other.

Money makes smart people do stupid things.
Stupid things like fight over money. 
Stupid things like suddenly thinking life is fair. 

On a serious, non-snarky note:
Make your intentions crystal clear in your will. Leave as little room for interpretation as possible.
If you can, put to rest all disagreements before you die. Talk to each heir personally and explain everything clearly so there's no question what you meant.  Leave them nothing to argue about. 


Guess how my family is handling distribution of Dad's will. 

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