Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meanwhile, In The Cat Toy Aisle

Usually, I'm the weirdo in the department stores who strikes up conversations with total strangers. This time, it was the small man (re: my size) in the cat toy aisle who spoke first.

"Can't forget these guys at Christmas. They know if they've been left out."
I smiled. "I'm just trying to decide what I want to step on in the middle of the night."
He held out his hand and showed me a sparkly puff ball.  "I used to have a ton of these everywhere. Now they're all gone."
"They're under the couch."

I smiled politely and walked away.
Pft.  Any real cat owner *knows* all the toys are under the furniture.
Clearly, the cat toy aisle is the stalkers' candy van for grown ups.


Dani said...

Where is that "Like" button? Lol.

Jessica P said...

Oh yeah. Creepers looking for lonely cat-ladies.

"probably" means he has NEVER even had a cat!!

all of the cat toys except the noisy ones are ALWAYS under the couch.

Even if you don't even own a couch.

Roses said...

"Even if you don't own a couch"


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I don't own a couch. But the chairs, the tv case, the desk,the kitchen table and chairs, the fridge, the freezer, the dresser, the bed, behind the toilet, under the sink, oh, and don't forget the closets and the pantry.... Am I missing anything?? I mean besides cat toys??

DogsDontPurr said...

We moved recently, and when they picked up the couch there were about 25 million foil balls, paper balls, rubber balls, feather balls, furry was one big rectangle of balls! It was hilarious. Over the years, all those lost balls really add up!

We also moved a cabinet a cabinet that was flush to the ground except for a small opening in the back on either side. When we picked it up, there was a neat line of foil balls against the walls, the length of the cabinet. Apparently, out cat liked pushing her balls into that little opening. Very funny...and cute!

(pro tip: in addition to the myriad of cat toys we buy, wadded up pieces of foil or paper are our cheap way to keep up with the need for a never ending supply of new toys. She also seems to like the foil balls more than the purchased toys...much like an average cardboard box trumps a store bought cat bed.)

Bob said...

The guy's a rank amateur -- the creepiest creeps are over on the Barbie aisle.

Jessica P said...

bob...omg EWWWWWWWWW

Roses said...

"Hey, you can call me Ken... or Daddy."

BTW, nice to hear from you, Bob! :-)