Monday, November 02, 2015

Life is an Open Book Test

The Husband is cooking today, and he is giving instruction to Elder Son as he goes.
The Husband is very thorough with details; for example, he explains why he never cuts fresh meat on a wooden cutting board preferring to use a plain dinner plate instead. 
Elder Son is attentive; he nods and expresses understanding in almost inaudible mm-hm's.

I am studying for classes at the kitchen table, but I can't help overhear the entire cooking lesson.

When the Husband pauses and Elder Son nods and grunts, I chime in, "There will be a test later."
The Husband remarks, "No.  I just want to explain why I do everything this way."
"I'm talking about real life.  That's your test," I say.  "Fortunately, it's all open book.  You can phone a friend."

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