Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cat-Friendly Houseplants

Conversation at the nursery where houseplants are on sale.

He:  Here's a list of plants that purify the air and won't poison the cat.
Me:  Or, we could get whichever plants we want and just put them where the cat can't get to them.
He:  Do we really *need* to worry about the cat?  He's never really chewed on our plants before.
Me:  True.

We buy four cat-friendly plants anyway.

The moment we bring them into the house, the cat chews on them.

So yeah, when given the choice, buy pet-friendly houseplants. Always.


Jessica P said...

The cat appreciates the chew-plant you got just for him. :)

Roses said...

One is a hanging plant.
Now known as the "cat pinata". :-)