Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Week in Random


The Husband and I had a conversation about omelettes last night.  He told me about his first omelette and how he was amazed by how wonderful it was.
It wasn't just breakfast eggs... it was breakfast with more breakfast inside it.

Later, I declared that I required ice cream.
The Husband said, "We have vanilla and chocolate downstairs in the freezer."
I shook my head.  I wanted ice cream with stuff in it like candy pieces or chunks of cookie batter.
"Oh," The Husband said, "You want an ice cream omelette."

He *so* gets me.


Someone sent me a message that my blog has a bug that redirects visitors to another website after a few minutes.  Have you experienced that?
I've been squatting here for half an hour and nothing weird has happened.



Because of ^this^ message, I am going through all the comments on all of my posts and deleting any that contain links to other places.

1)  I'm sorry if this ruins your backlinking juice (if you don't know what that means, then it's not something that's going to bother you)

2)  You guys are so hilarious in the comments that I get bogged down reading old posts because I need to know what I wrote that made you respond in such an awesome manner.

3)  Sorry I've pulled so many old posts from this blog.  There was a point when the boys expressed some discomfort with me telling stories about them, so I yanked a bunch of those down out of respect for their wishes. 


Did you know you can customize your Blogger broken link message?
I didn't think I knew that... but somewhere along the line, I must have done it.

Look here:

This is so totally the kind of message I would have written that I know I did it even though I don't remember doing it.

So, your next question is "How did you do that, Roses?"
And my answer is, "I have no idea, but I'm pretty sure I Googled something like 'how to make a custom 404 on Blogger'." 

Try that.


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Quinn and Angel brandi said...

No, no, no! We have had it with computer problems today!
Your blog seems fine. Mine, however, had its problems.....