Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Broadcasting Nightmares

Two dreams.

1) I dream I am the producer of a radio talk show. In the studio are a couple people I have worked with in the past, and they are introducing their guest who is waiting on the phone.  But they are taking an unreasonable amount of time introducing him. By the time they bring him on the air, he has hung up.
Stunned by this turn of events, the people in the studio fall silent.
Guys, it's a talk show. It's radio, I say. You have to talk.
They start to make faces at each other and communicate silently, snickering because they think it's funny that I'm getting more and more angry about it.
I *hate* radio!  I think to myself.
And then I realize that I don't work in radio anymore.
The dream ends.

2) I dream I am a guest on Steven Colbert's show. He and I are personal friends, and we are having a lovely interview until I start getting silly and make a string of inside jokes.
Steven is laughing with me, but it is becoming an uncomfortable laugh.  He says with a smile and in a low voice, "That's funny at the desk, but not anywhere else."
I know I need to leave the stage, but in my attempt to do it gracefully, I only come off more and more stupid and awkward.
I'm so lame.

But at least I don't work in radio anymore.

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