Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bathroom Habits

We're finally remodeling the bathroom.

Weeks ago, the Husband and I pulled down the old wallpaper.  Odd schedules and unexpected events have kept us from moving forward very quickly.  We've been staring at ugly, worn 20-year-old orange peel textured paint since mid-August.

There's an empty space where the bathroom clock used to hang.
Every day (and several times each day) I look up at that spot to see what time it is.  But there's no clock there.  And I feel foolish.
When I mentioned it to him, the Husband admitted he did the same thing.

So tonight, I hung this:

I fully expect to be woken by the Husband's peals of laughter as he gets ready for work at 4am tomorrow.


Dani said...

#1 Where is the like button?

#2 I thought I was the only person in the world who hung a clock in my bathroom.

Roses said...

Of course you need a clock in the bathroom! How else do you know if you have time to take a whole shower or just eniugh for extra deodorant and cologne?

Unknown said...

Aww.That is awesome! I have awoke at 7:30 before, after taking a nap after work. Thinking A.M...... Calling into work in the P.M. makes your boss think that you are crazy!