Monday, September 21, 2015

Hand Knit Wool Socks

This is for the person who gave away his/her mother's yarn.

Dear soul,

You struggled over what to do with your mother's treasures.  You know she adored that yarn.  She collected so much more than she would ever use.  It had brought her so much joy, you could never just "get rid of it".

But the day finally came.  You decided it was time to let go.  It was hard.  Maybe you cried.
Maybe you took it to a second hand store.  Maybe you donated it to charity.  Maybe your spouse took care of it and never really explained where it went.

All is well, my dear friend.  This is what happened to your mom's yarn...

*I* took it in. 
I welcomed it. 
I hugged it.  (I truly, physically, hugged your mom's yarn.)

I told the yarn I would give it a good home.

Some of the yarn went into my own stash.  It settled in with other yarn that was just as loved as your mother's yarn had been. It will be crafted into something cuddly and given to someone in need.  I promise.

I took a lot of your mom's yarn to a knitting/crocheting social group where many women oo'd and ah'd over it.  Dear friend, your mom's yarn had never felt so beautiful!  Like the day your mom first saw it, this yarn was chosen once again.  Chosen and wanted.

The hardest item to part with had to be that project that your mom started and would never get to finish. You had to wonder if anyone would ever accept something like that.
The answer is yes.  Many times over, the answer is yes.
I passed along two beautiful afghans to a friend who sent me a picture of her rabbit snuggling in the project as she continued your mother's work.
I have finished an orphaned afghan myself.  It was an honor to do this for your mom.
In all three cases, the afghan your mom started was given to someone who needed comfort and needed to feel loved.  Because you were able to part with this piece of your mom, someone else received a cherished gift.

And the wool socks mentioned in the title of this post?
Inside one of the bags of yarn was a pair of hand knit wool socks.  Judging by the collection of companion yarn in the bag, your mom liked to make socks.  I imagine she made a lot of them for family and charity.
Well, I was kind of selfish.  I kept a pair for myself.  I'd never owned a pair of homemade socks.  The pair your mom made makes me feel special.

Be of good cheer, my dear friend.
Your mom's yarn is doing everything your mom had ever hoped it would.
And you helped those hopes come to fruition.  You did that.

You did good.


Karin Wellman said...

That was beautiful and makes me want to take up knitting/crochet. I hope some quilter one day gets my grandma's scraps from colorful clothes she made my sister and me as kids.

Roses said...

Absolutely, Karin!
I had originally intended to make this a yarn/cloth post, but I got caught up in the knitters and crocheters and forgot the quilters.

Just swap out the word yarn with your grandma's cloth, and it still fits perfectly.

Bless you, and bless your grandma.