Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best last memories with my dad

This is for me.
To remember.


Best memories from my last visit with my dad:

1) Sitting on the floor in front of my brother's couch where Dad is resting. Just the two of us in the room.
"So, what's new in Wisconsin?" he asks.
And we talk about everything and nothing until he decides he'd like to go home.

2) Sitting on the floor in front of Dad's couch where Dad is resting, now under the influence of strong pain killers* that render him unconscious every few seconds. Through the window, we are watching Younger Son perform his juggling act on the back deck. We weren't sure how long Dad would stay awake, so Younger Son starts with the fire torch finale rather than save it for the end.
"I see the flames!" Dad declares.
"Those are Younger Son's torches," I tell him.
"Is there a bucket of water out there in case he needs it?"
"Yes," I lie.

Younger Son spends time pulling out every item from his collection and throwing them to the delight of his aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Every time I turn to see if Dad is still awake, he is watching.
He sees the whole show.

(*Odd things Dad has blurted out of nowhere while spaced out on morphine:
- Don't put any beans with my supper.  I don't want them.
- If there's gonna be a meeting, it has to be Sunday. )

3). At this moment, I am sitting in the chair across from Dad's couch where he is resting.  He is snoring.

It is the most beautiful sound in the world.
As it always did when I was a child, it brings me peace.

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