Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's just a different kind of job

Imagine you are sitting home one evening when there's a knock at the door. Your spouse answers it, and there stands one of your neighbors demanding, "Which one of you works at (your employer's name)?"

Do you:
a) leap up and happily offer that it is you that works there
b) ask why he wants to know
c) hide the children and deny everything

Well, when this very thing happened at our house, the husband and I looked at each other and wondered which one of us was going to be shot first.
This exact situation is why radio/TV people don't want their audience to know where they live. You never know what kind of crackpot is listening who will get upset over something you say on the air.
In fact, the husband has gotten several death threats throughout his broadcasting career. (Thank you very much, dear, for not telling me this until after we were married. *sheesh*)

As it turns out, the man at the door was the father of Younger Son's friend. His wedding anniversary was the next day, and he had snuck out of the house to come over to see if one of us could get our radio station to play a song and surprise his wife.

How many of you feel threatened by a song request?


Hapkido said...

Option C: plus, send the husband after any firearm or knife in the house...

So this guy has never heard of a cell phone? Holy smokes! That'd be scary as all get out.

Richmond said...

Yeesh. That would have startled me for sure!

Bob said...

All the neighbors are well aware that I work for the power company, but it would really give me the willies if came knocking at my door whenever their light went out.

Roses said...

Hap: He couldn't call us. We are unlisted. (Younger Son and their boy just go back and forth and never phone each other.) He also couldn't call the station because it was automated that time of night. And, he couldn't wait till morning to call in because he and his wife had the day off, and she would have noticed him making a phone call to the studio then.

So, we cut him some slack and kinda admired his creative way of getting the job done.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

That is one scary happening--and thank goodness it ended well for you!