Friday, May 22, 2015

Kinesiology Is Kinda Funny

My chiropractor practices Kinesiology.
It's hard to give a short explanation, but he determines what ails you by touching key sections of your anatomy (like your forehead or your ribs) and pushing down on your outstretched arm.

Yes, it sounds hokey, but it does no harm.

Today, he touched various areas of my body and pushed on my arm saying things like "resentment", " stress", and "bad memory".
On " bad memory", my arm dropped.

"Oh!" he said, "that's not bad memory like 'I can't remember what I had for breakfast'. That's bad memory like ' this makes me feel crummy'. So what do you think that is?"

I told him what I thought it was, and he brought out his spring-loaded pokey thing and punched my spine with it.

He muttered, "That should do it."
"Nope," I said.  "I still remember it. You did it wrong."

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