Friday, August 29, 2014

Cool Reception

Can I tell you, I didn't like being a waitress in my 20's because some of the people looked through me as if I was furniture. Not even good enough to look *down* on me as a human being, you understand.

One of my co-workers has a family member who occasionally visits the office. My attempts to engage this family member have been ignored. He doesn't acknowledge my presence when I say hello. He simply comes through the front door and walks to the co-worker's desk as if he works there himself. 
I'm furniture. 

Now, this family member is a politician, and my co-worker has told me more than once how much he detests the talk show host I used to work with.  The talk show host who left the station FOUR years go. The radio station *I* left TWO years ago.

I will spare you the four lettered cuss words I would like to use to express how messed up this is. How stupid must you be to be angry with someone simply because she WORKED with someone you don't like?
And how stupid is it how often I encounter this thinking?  

I hate radio. 

And I sure as f*ck will never vote for that jerk.


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Yes! This is the woman I would vote for! Real people are such a find!
I could say never run for office cause it would ruin you, but I'm sure you would never do what that jerk does!
Never ever!

The Gray Monk said...

Stand against the idiot! Were I in your electoral area I would vote for you. Hell, I'd even campaign for you door to door. I hate politicians like this clown. Probably the only thing bigger than his ego is the National Debt and even that might be pushing it ...