Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Word Movie Review - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Here are your two words:

"Sweet Life"

I liked this Ben Stiller movie before I saw it. Its previews captured me.
While The Husband would have chosen something else to watch, I promised him that with the fantasies Walter would have, certainly something would blow up sometime during the movie.
We were not disappointed.

I liked the story. I liked Walter, a Negative Asset Manager at soon-to-be out-dated Life Magazine. You've met Walter in real life. In fact, I'm pretty sure we've each *been* Walter at one point or another.  And by the end of this movie, you just might wish you *were* Walter Mitty.

Here's the problem, though: There is no surprise wake-up moment at the end where we find out he imagined it all.
I add this observation because I spent a great deal of the movie waiting for that moment, but it never happened.  I would have appreciated many of the scenes more if I hadn't been waiting to find out they weren't real.
That, and I would have liked to have seen more fantasy sequences.


Strong character development.
Believable acting.
Good plot.
Worth seeing on the big screen for the beautiful cinematography.

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Lemon Stand said...

I've read the short story. Although not a Ben Stiller fan, I still want to see this movie. (and there's never too many fantasy sequences in my day if I can help it) :)