Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Dream with Tony Stark in it.

I had this dream with Tony Stark in it.  I wasn't necessarily *in* the dream as much as I was observing it, like a movie.

In the dream, Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark is operating a flying craft of some sort, similar to a small airplane but fancier and more technologically advanced (of course), over a body of water.  Suddenly, his craft is broken, in the water, and being attacked by a giant squid.  Tony Stark escapes the clutches of the squid and swims away from the scrum.  When he reaches calm water, he calls for help, realizes no one can hear him, then decides to swim back past the squid to his broken, half-submerged aircraft.  Because that's where all his tech toys and tools are.
And I think to myself in this dream, "Well, that's so Tony Stark."


In the morning, as I'm telling The Husband about this dream, the way I say it outloud stuns me.
I say, "He decides to swim back to the plane because that's where all his stuff is.  It's like 'I could float around out here where it's safe, but, no one knows I need help and no one's coming.  Or, I could just take care of business and save myself'."

Read that part again, please, because I've been repeating it to myself all morning.

I love this dream.
I feel that for years I'd been floating around in safety (been doing radio so long I can do it in my sleep) waiting for something to change; but it's not going to, and I know it; so, it's up to me to put on my big girl pants and save myself.

Since I left my comfort zone of radio last year, I've done a lot of different jobs.  I've done a lot more than I expected to do in 15 months' time; too much than looks good on a resume, to be honest. 
But, it's all been the squid.  I gotta get to my stuff.  It ain't a pretty or an easy path, but I need the stuff, and it's gotta be done.
And it's up to me alone to do it.

Yay, me.
I feel like my own little super hero come to save the day.  :-)


Shoshanah Lee said...

That's a great dream. It's so good, I'm going to think of some barriers of mine like this, too. It's the squid. :)

P.S. Robert Downey Jr. is so hot.

Roses said...

Thanks for the note, Shoshanah!

You go, girl!