Monday, August 26, 2013

Incessant Chirping

Imagine you are The Husband, and your yammering (yet adorably charming) wife insists on talking to you even as you are drifting off to sleep.  This is what a recent night's conversation would have sounded like...

She:  What is that noise?
You:  What?
She:  That noise.  Is that a bird?  A frog?  A squirrel?  What?
You:  (listens for a moment)  I don't know.  (drifts off to sleep)

She:  Because it doesn't stop. 
You:  Mm...  (drifts off to sleep)

She:  It's like someone scraping bark off a tree or something.
You:  Hm?  Oh...  (drifts off to sleep)

She:  I wonder if I was fluent at Morse Code, would I hear just random scraping noises, or would I hear letters being spelled out?
You:  What?
She:  Because it's two or three short scrapes and one long pause.  Like Morse Code.
You:  Oh.  Yeah... (drifts off to sleep)

She:  It's probably the same two letters over and over.
You:  Ungh... (drifts off to sleep)

She:  It's probably "F" and "U".
You:  Ha!  Haa ha... (drifts off to sleep)

The next morning, you wake up and realize she stopped talking / waking you up / being adorable right after her joke, and you wonder if you'd have just laughed in the first place, maybe she'd have stopped talking a whole lot sooner.


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

I'm single. Thank you for always showing me what I'm missing out on!

Roses said...

I'm here to help, Carol. ;-)