Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Victoria's *Real* Secret

This is for the ladies who shop at a popular lingerie shop named after a woman whose name begins with the letter "V".

Is it just me, or does your bra size appear much larger when you try on this brand's undergarments?
Is THAT the real secret behind this store?  Women love the clothing because it is sized smaller to make a woman feel her breasts are bigger?

The first time I ever stepped foot into this particular store was about two months ago, and I went in for a fitting because I wanted to know what size I am supposed to be wearing after bearing two children, gaining and losing weight a few times, and feeling the effects of gravity for four and a half decades.  The very nice attendant measured me, came up with a size very close to what I'd been wearing, and brought a handful of bras for me to try on.  Each one was too small.  She brought the next cup size up.  Still too small.  She had to bring me a bra TWO CUPS LARGER than I normally wear.

So, here's what I think the real secret is:  Their bras are sized so you feel flattered your boobs are bigger than you thought.  And since other brands (in the size Ms. "V" tells you that you wear) won't fit right, you feel compelled to only shop in her store.

Your thoughts/experiences?


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that was Victoria's "Secret". I've shopped there for years for that one reason. I worry a little now because the store I go to has male cashiers.

Shinny said...

I rarely shop there because the few times I purchased bras they have to be hand washed (way too much effort on my part), so expensive (yes I am cheap) and probably because I don't hand wash them the underwires poke through after 6 months and nothing worse them being stabbed in the boob all day long. I have had lots of luck at Kohls, Maiden F*rm. Support, comfort and long lasting with machine washing. And affordable so you can get a couple in different colors the price of one of Ms. V's. Hope you at least got a cute one. ;) Where are the pictures? Kidding!

Cellar Door said...

My grandma always says, "Victoria's secret is that she dresses like a whore."

Roses said...

Yes, hand washing expensive bras is not my favorite thing to do, either, Shinny. I'll check out Kohl's. They support our local cancer charity, too! :-)

Cellar Door: I like your grandma. :-D