Thursday, June 13, 2013

Copy Cat

Me:  Is this copy for me to keep or do you want it back?
He:  I'd like it back, please.
Me:  Okay.
He:  Do you want your own copy?
Me:  No.
He:  'Cause I can make you one.
Me:  No, I just wanted to know if I could write on this or not.
He:  Do you want a copy you can write on?
Me:  No, it's okay.
He:  Because you can have your own copy.
Me:  I'm fine using this one.
He:  It would literally take me just 39 seconds to make you one.
Me: I think I'd rather just argue with you for 39 seconds.


las794 said...

ROFL--sounds like my sister & me trying to communicate sometimes!

Thumper said...

Heh :)