Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shave and a haircut

I just dreamed I shaved my head bald.
Cool thing, though... I totally rocked the look.

Woke up and realized some employment changes that are coming for me will be like erasing the board and starting from scratch.
I wouldn't say these changes are all good or all bad. Like shaving your head, it all depends on the reason why you did it.

Because you have cancer?  Bad reason.
Because you're showing support for some who lost her hair to chemo?  Good reason.
Because you joined the military?  Good reason.
Because you're a freaked out pop star named Britney?  Bad reason.

(If you're here for the funny, stop reading.  Ha ha!  Good stuff, Roses!  I'll come back for more later!  See ya!  Bye!)

All this winds around to saying that if everything goes as planned, I will be leaving the dream job I celebrated getting seven months ago, and I'll be getting back into radio full-time.
Shaving my head, in other words.

Budgetary.  The great little company I work for, like many small businesses in a tough economy, is under a great amount of financial pressure. I may lose the job within the year if nothing changes.  If I leave and they have one less salary to pay, that's a change that may make a difference... for them, at least.

Yes, I translate going back into radio as "taking one for the team".

I don't want to leave. I'll be taking a gut-wrenching pay cut (because radio pays squat... and then it's taxed).
The great little company I work for created this job for me; before they hired me, they functioned just fine. I've begun to feel guilty for taking what little money they have.

So, while I'm not happy about this version of shaving my head, I do feel it's for good reasons.

If it were all about me ditching a good job just to be back on the radio (which it's not. It's actually an administrative position), then I'd be Britney.  And that would be a bad reason.

I'm shaving my head to support a friend.
That's a good reason, right?


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

You are a prize, you know. Not many people would think of others before themselves.
Santa should be very generous this year!

las794 said...

Have you talked to your boss or any coworkers about this?

Roses said...

Fair question, las. And the answer is yes.
In fact, the radio station wouldn't consider hiring me without my boss' blessing, and my boss didn't deny that my leaving would be a financial relief. :-(

Cellar Door said...

it's a good reason. Hang tough.

The Gray Monk said...

A really tough call, but, by the sound of it, you've got an exit plan worked out.

Prayers are with you.

Bou said...

But it sounds like you haven't burned any bridges, but rather built them, maybe fortified them, and have added a different aspect to your resume.

Could all this open a different door in the future? I don't think they're going to readily forget you...in particular if the economy turns around.

Roses said...

Bou, you are right. No bridges have been burned in the filming of this movie.
All parties involved understand that I can be called back to my dream job at any time (or not at all), and everyone is perfectly fine with that arrangement.

Frankly, in the time since I first posted this, nice things keep happening both to my dream job company and the radio station to which I am going. I'm truly in a win/win situation. I do consider myself very lucky.