Friday, January 18, 2013

Studies (a.k.a. Like a Moth to the Flame)

Earlier this week I had spent several hours at a local radio station learning a few things so that I (in addition to my full time job outside of radio) can be their emergency fill-in DJ.

::pauses to answer the question that is twisting up your face::

I know.  I know.
"Roses, you whined and cried and screamed about how you HATED, just hated, your crappy radio job.  And now, not even six full months after scratching and clawing your way out of it, you're training to get back into radio?  What gives?"

My friend, if you ever get to know a "radio person" (and you have, because you know me), you will learn that you can take a gal out of radio, but you will never take radio out of a gal.  No matter what I do for a living, I am a radio person.  Through and through.  Always and forever.  No lie.
This means that no matter how bad we hated, just hated, our last radio job, we cannot turn down the offer of another one.  Especially if we didn't go looking for it.  Especially if a station says, "OMG!  You're available?  WE WANT YOU!"  (Which is exactly what happened to me.)

The same way a moth will fly into an open flame and certain death, a radio person will return to radio if the opportunity presents itself.
Like a moth to the flame.

Can I get a radio brother or sister to testify?

::gets back to funny::

So, now I am sitting at the kitchen table rewriting my notes as Elder Son sits across from me studying for exams.  Every once in a while he stops what he is doing to watch me.
"I'm studying, too," I tell him.  "I had a three hour class today."
He considers my history, and he states, "Yeah, but it's all review, right?"

I love that kid.


Christie Critters said...

And even though I have sworn off theater for large scale gardening, if somebody came along and said, "We need YOU to direct the next youth production." It would take The Bearded One, Stubble AND Ms. Flippers holding me down until sanity returned...
Have fun!

Thumper said...

I get it. No matter what else I might do, I'm still a writer more than anything. Somethings aren't just what you do; it's who you are...

Lemon Stand said...

Awesome! I totally get it. It's nice you'll get to enjoy the best parts without the stress of a full time gig. :)