Friday, November 02, 2012

It ain't no teen spirit, I can tell you that.

Everyone on staff is aware of the boss' medical issues.
Small staff.  Small office space.

So, when he came out of the unisex shared bathroom in the back corner of the general office area still spraying the air freshener, he felt the need to appologize to the room at large.
"Sorry, guys.  The medication I'm taking is really messing me up."
There was a general muttering of understanding, some guy talk about bathroom smells, and the boss retreated to his desk.

I waited a moment.
And the question I asked just before the males in the room erupted in laughter was:
"So, if the boss' meds mess him up like that, does that mean we all can pass gas whenever we want to and blame it on him?"

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Bou said...

Some of the funniest conversations at work have been about the men and the bathroom. The guys I work with are dang funny and being the only female (typically) for so long, they forget sometimes I'm not completely one of them.

But the fact I laugh so hard... makes me wonder about my sense of humor. I must still be 4 years old.