Monday, October 08, 2012

Two Word Movie Review - Looper

Here are your two words:

About. Time.

As a rule, I hate time travel movies.
Mainly because they have too many rules to follow, they usually break one of those rules somewhere along the line, and then they try to cover it up by revealing a surprise rule at the end to excuse themselves from it.
I can usually punch a hole in a time travel movie from ten paces.

But, come on.
Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
I wanted to see this movie, time travel or not.

I'd heard Looper has a lot of rules, and in order to enjoy it, I'd need to pay close attention.
So, I did.
And I found "Looper" to be easier to follow than I expected.
Maybe that's because I paid such close attention.

And my two words come from thinking, "It's about time someone came up with a decent time travel movie."
And please, when Bruce Willis' character said he didn't want to get into a discussion over how the paradox of two people existing in the same time period affects each other's future because they'd end up wasting a lot of time and end up with a lot of straws layed out on the table, I nearly applauded.

I "got" this movie.
And I'd like to explain why it works, but I want to avoid spoilers.
There was a confusing part where a "loop" is revealed, and I wish editing had handled that better.  Perhaps explained what it was somewhere along the line.  But after sleeping on it, I got it.  And it works.

Pierce Gagnon as Cid (the kid) was brilliant!
You will see this young actor a lot in the future.  I wondered if he was actually a good four-year-old actor, or a really good actor who looked four years old.
Those eyes.

Of course you realize that since I understood this time travel movie, it will make no sense at all to anyone else.


Thumper said...

Sweet. I've been wondering about this movie, whether or not I wanted to see it. I like time travel stuff, so it might be AWESOME for me ;)

las794 said...

That one's on my list, too!

Bou said...

I need to look the kid up. You can tell actor's ages by their teeth. That's how I know when they have an older actor playing a younger kid. If they are missing a tooth and they're playing a four year old... yeah, probably not. If he had all baby teeth, it's a good chance he really was four.

I was watching some Christmas movie a few years ago and they had a kid playing a four year old that had some teeth missing or had some adult dentition. That's when I started looking at teeth...

Roses said...

Once you realize the "loop" is more of a Mobius Strip than a loop, the pieces fall into place.