Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The One with the Gummy Bears

Big client at the office.
It's my first time meeting him.  President of an IT company.  Not sure what to expect.

(C'mon.  You know IT guys, right?  And he's their president.)

I don't wanna come off sounding silly (which I am) or like a noob at what I do (which I am).
So basically, I'm faking it through this meeting so he can feel comfortable and confident that he's in good, capable, organized hands.

Half way through this meeting, it occurs to me that he's going to want my business card before he leaves because he's going to be communicating with me more than anyone else in the office. 
And I realize the only card I have brought to this meeting is in my back pocket.
Where it has been sat on for days.

"Maybe," I'm thinking to myself, "he won't ask.  Then, as he's leaving I can say hey, let me get you a card, and gracefully detour over to my desk on our way to the door.  And I won't have to give him this crappy card."

But, no.

"Roses, do you have a business card I can have?"
We are nowhere near my desk.  There is no graceful detour.
"Yes," I tell him immediately.  "But, let me get you a fresh one from my desk that isn't all warped and wrinkled from being in my pocket."

Why the heck did I have to mention there was a card in my pocket at all?  Why not just get up and go get a card without the unnecessary explanation?

Just as I'm thinking I've shared too much, he says, "Oh!  Soft and warm from being in your pocket all day?"
I think this is a weird thing to say, but I reply, "Yeah!
"Like gummy bears?"
"Did you say... gummy bears?"
"Yeah, like gummy bears.  Soft and warm from being in your pocket all day."  After a moment, and just about the time he's thinking he's shared to much, he explains, "It's from Ferris Bueller."

Oh yes.
He and I will get along just fine.  :-)


After having some time to think about it, I'm wishing I had responded like this:

He:  It's from Ferris Bueller.
Me:  Okay, now I have to give you the card out of my pocket.

That... would have been beautiful.


Christie Critters said...

LOVE it. When those kinds of things happen to me, I just babble - and NEVER think of anything I could have substituted.

Thumper said...


And now I'll never look at gummi bears quite the same way...