Monday, September 17, 2012

The One with the Waste Basket

My new job was created.
Meaning, no one had this job before me.  I'm the first one to do it at this company.
They had to buy a new desk and chair for me.
For some reason, they take offense when I buy myself office supplies like highlighters and sticky note pads.

One day, the office manager saw me throw some trash into the waste basket under someone else's desk.
"Roses, don't you have a waste basket?"
"No.  I keep meaning to stop at the dollar store on my way home..."
"No, no, no.  I have a waste basket at home you can use."
"It's only a dollar..."
"No, no!  The basket I have is just like the rest of them here.  I'll bring it in."
"Alright, then."

This all was discussed across an open room where the entire small staff was a witness.

About a week later, I still have no waste basket.
I find this incredibly funny.
At a time when most of the staff is present, I cross the room and sigh deeply as I drop into my chair.
"Whew!" I dramatically exclaim.  "I! Am Exhausted!"
"What?" "How come?"
With equal dramatics, "I had to walk way over there to throw away my trash!"


The next day...
"Hey!  Where's my waste basket?"
"I brought it!  It's in my car!"
"You want me to walk to your car to throw away my trash?"
"Shut up!"

Double heh.

Happy Monday, folks.  Welcome back to work.  :-)

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Christie Critters said...

Love it! I remember reupholstering The Bearded One's office chair at one point because they didn't get that a butterscotch plaid chair in an office with red carpet was extremely offensive! Of course that doesn't really equate with not having a waste basket - that is just esthetics...
Glad you have somewhere to toss trash now - or is it still in his car?