Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Suuuuper genius! (part two)

Next, I work on mastering the phrase, "I'll do that as soon as I finish what I'm working on."
It has taken me far too long to realize just how often I will drop what I'm doing to instantly answer most requests from my children... even when what I'm doing is more urgent or important than what they are asking for.  My stuff gets delayed and sometimes forgotten completely in the process.

I imagine the future exchanges might go like this:

He:  "Could you hold this bag so I can put this stuff in it?"
Me:  "I'll do that as soon as I finish what I'm working on."
He:  "Nevermind, I think I can manage."

He:  "Since you're standing right there, can you bring me a paper towel?"
Me:  "I'll do that as soon as I finish what I'm working on."
He:  "That's okay, I can get it."



Christie Critters said...

The only thing that I can see wrong with that line is that sometimes needing the extra pair of hands isn't just laziness...
for example The Bearded One is completely incapable of stopping something to do something else for even a minute...even when it is critical:
Me: (Trying to contain a mix of coffee grounds, cucumber peels, and orange rind) Could you grab another bag, there is a tear and the garbage is falling out of this one.
Bearded One: As soon as I finish wiping off the stove.

Result: Yucky garbage all over the kitchen floor and throw rug by the sink because he couldn't put down a sponge...

Have fun using the line with the kids!

Roses said...

Obviously, some common sense is required, Christie.

And I did admit that I'll need to work on mastering that particular phrase. ;-)

vwbug said...

I'm listening... just waiting for the opportunity to give a couple of these lines a try... I hope you have more!!!

Christie Critters said...

Common Sense? The Bearded One? Not when his OCD is getting in the way. We always have a good laugh over it, though!

Roses said...

vwbug: More? Please. It took me 17 years to come up with these!