Friday, September 14, 2012


Younger Son is packing a lunch to take to school.

He:  I have more fruits and vegetables in here than I have sandwich!  I think I'll make another half sandwich.
Me:  You could just slap an extra slice of bologna in your sandwich which will pretty much equal a half a sandwich without adding extra bread.
He:  That won't work.
Me:  Why not?
He:  Because it's a peanut butter sandwich.


brandi said...

Am I the only one who ate peanut butter and bologna sandwiches growing up?
There is a reason I don't buy bologna. I would still eat peanut butter and bologna sandwiches!
Your son should have tried it!!
Now I have to watch my cholesterol and calorie intake.
Actually PB is good on a lot of things--including lefse.
Hey, I was born in Wisconsin and have even MADE lefse!

Roses said...

Y'know what, brandi? I think you are the only one who ate PB-B sandwiches.

However, Younger Son *does* enjoy peanut butter and cheese on occasion. :-)