Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Poor planning

What I wanted was to work with Steven Spielberg.
I wanted to work behind the scenes making movies.

The plan was...
a)  get a business degree
b)  use degree to get a job and earn a decent wage
c)  use the decent wage to go back to school for a broadcasting degree
d)  use the broadcasting degree to get into radio
e)  use radio experience to get into television
f)  use TV experience to get into film
g)  meet Steven Spielberg

What I didn't know was once you've worked in radio long enough, TV people look at you the same way parents look at people who say, "I'm ready to have children because I have a plant and a fish, and they haven't died yet."

Years later, I would meet The Husband and find out there's a college degree for Radio/TV/Film... which was his major. 
From the beginning, I could have made c) "use the decent wage to go back to school for a R/T/F degree" and skipped all the way up to meeting Spielberg decades ago.


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Christie Critters said...

Isn't it awful when life plans go awry like that - I spent too much time in education (or so I'm told)