Thursday, August 23, 2012

Don't blink.

::runs up, puts hands on knees, pants to catch breath::

The new job is great!
I'm having fun.
The first couple of weeks have been crammed with information.
Stuff I never knew existed in the cyber world.
And now it's my job to do it.
And I like it.
A lot!
I always thought I would, but...
... after the first couple days feeling completely stupid because I couldn't function on a Windows program that was newer than ten years old...
... that was a bit deflating.
And don't even ask how lame it is to ask your co-workers to help you make a phone call on your new iPhone.

Changing jobs/careers was SO smart of a decision!
I feel useful.
I feel appreciated.
I feel like I am good enough and smart enough to do new things.
... and doggone it, people like me.

Did I mention I have windows?
When people we know walk by, my bosslady bangs on the window until they look, and then we all wave like maniacs.

So, it's all good.
Just wanted to check in, because I know you guys wanna hear what's up.
And because I know you care.
You're really cool that way.

I'll check in again when I get time.
Until then know I'm happy, and I'm having fun.

::deep breath, takes off running::


brandi said...

Great news about the job! It is lovely to be where you are appreciated and everyone has a good sense of humor. Plus, Plus.
I don't have an iphone and I have no idea how to text. I won't even tell you what I had to ask at my last job--techie questions answered by someone at least 25 years younger than me.
Oh, God, did I feel older than mud!

DogsDontPurr said...

I had hoped the lack of updates ("radio silence?") here meant that you were happy and busy with the new job. Yay!

Party on!

Christie Critters said...

OK, I'll be patient while you settle in to your new job...

Mrs. Who said...

Run, Roses, Run!!!!

Glad you're enjoying your new job. :)

Dani said...

Oh no, do the angels have the phone box again?

But I'm really glad you love the new job. It's nice to not be miserable every day hu?

Andy said...

Thanks for checking in, Roses.

I can identify in many ways with what you write.

I went in to something completely unfamiliar to me at the age of 51. Was scared spitless!

Has turned out to be so dang fulfilling that even if I win the lottery, I'll probably keep showing up...because it's really what I was ALWAYS cut out for.

Just didn't know it.

Again...thanks for checking in. Good news to hear!

cheri said...


How did you ever figure on the job change, what do you do?
just curious.


Roses said...

Cheri, I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking how I decided to take a new job? There are many answers to that one. The politically correct answer is that no one would ever hire a 45 year old disc jockey if I were to be "down-sized" and looking for work. I had no other skills that weren't twenty years out of date. I would either need to go back to school or find an employer who was willing to train me. Fortunately, I found an employer willing to train me.
So I jumped at the chance.

(The un-PC answer is I felt lonely and neglected in a job that would only get worse and not better. Then I'd be down-sized and looking for work.)

What do I do now?
Well, I still work in media. But my job is... let's say... creative data entry. I know that says very little, but it took me a week to understand what exactly they were asking me to do. So, I will not be attempting to explain it to anyone else any time soon. ;-)

cheri said...

Hmm, It sounds very interesting!
but the best part is you sound HAPPY!